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Sarah J Curtis is a luxury label specialising in beautiful hats with a focus on quality craftsmanship & functionality. Born from necessity, founder Sarah Curtis established the label after being diagnosed with melanoma whilst pregnant with her second child and requiring constant shade for her face.

With over 12 years experience working in sales, marketing and product development for fashion labels such as Levi’s, True Religion, Buddhist Punk, Milk and Fabienne Jewellery, Sarah combined her business acumen with her innate sense of style and set about designing a range of unique hats.

Her research saw her coveting classic shapes such as the Panama hat and the Fedora, which are perfect for both summer and winter respectively. Sarah gave each classic design her own unique touch by widening the brims to provide adequate shade for the harsh Australian sun.

Using only the best materials from Ecuador, Sarah J Curtis makes Panama hats with the same Toquilla straw as the traditional versions and also works with Australian Merino wool known for its strength, quality and durability.

Since the inception of Sarah J Curtis, the label has moved swiftly to become a mainstay in the wardrobes of the fashion elite and celebrities alike including Fifi Geldof, Jesinta Campbell, Rachel Finch, Pia Miller and many more. Sarah takes cue from each fashion season, creating hats in the hottest colours and shapes of each season, making each range as covetable as the last.

With stockists across Australian and online, Sarah J Curtis is now synonymous with style and quality.

In Sarah’s own words “I saw that people were spending a fortune on their skin when all we really need to do is protect ourselves from the sun and it’s definitely cheaper to invest in a beautiful hat…to me it’s a no-brainer.”

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