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As we head off to work or a day out, most of us don’t give a second thought to grabbing a fabulous bag or statement sunnies.  We happily accessorise our look with heels, a scarf or some bling so why on earth do we hesitate when it comes to the ultimate accessory, a good looking hat?

After all, we live in Australia, one of the sunniest lands on earth and we grew up with the ‘slip, slop, slap’ campaign – so we really understand the benefits of covering up. Even so, many of us still leave home without one.  The sad fact is most people don’t know the secret to choosing and wearing a hat.

Sarah J Curtis is a woman with a passion for hats that was inspired by her time working in the Australian fashion scene.  Headwear became more of an essential for Sarah after she was diagnosed with skin cancer when she was expecting her second child.  Suddenly the benefits of protecting her skin from the sun took on a new meaning for Sarah, and no outfit was complete without a beautiful hat.

Why are so many Australian’s hat-shy?

The bottom line is no one wants to look or feel awkward.  When we look in the mirror we want to look classy and elegant, so we stick with the look we know.  Thankfully, wearing hats is in vogue and isn’t nearly as complicated as it seems.

So if you’re ready to choose a stylish chapeau for summer, here are a few tips from the experts:

The Panama Hat

The classic Panama hat was designed with a purpose. Ranchers and workers used these hats to shade themselves from the harsh sun. The extra-wide brim is perfect for the job, which is why this hat is your best friend on harsh summer days.

The Panama hat is timeless and no longer just for the guys. Ladies love the style because it adds a touch of elegance and vintage class. This hat is best teamed with a tailored outfit, or take a risk and cover up your tousled hair with a Panama for a touch of sartorial elegance.

The Straw Hat

Straw hats are always in style, they’re every summer’s fashion must-have.  Team it with vibrant prints to get a tropical feel to your summer wardrobe, or combine a wide-brimmed straw hat with soft linens for that elegant and timeless look.

The Fedora

Nothing says class, style, and sophistication like a Fedora and both men and women can enjoy this fashion trend. Fedoras are a great way to make a statement.  To give a casual outfit a formal twist, team a retro t-shirt and your favourite jeans, throw on some canvas sneakers or sandals and you’re ready to go.

If you want a more sophisticated look, then choose a smart suit jacket with casual pants topped off with a fedora. The only thing to remember is the colour of the hat has to exactly match your outfit or your need to choose a contrasting colour.

The real secret to wearing hats is simple: have fun and be bold.

If you’re ready to add an elegant edge to your wardrobe, check out our latest collection here Collections page. We think you’ll be inspired.

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