Sarah J Curtis

Fit For Travel Panama Hat

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Fit For Travel is a fabulous new Panama hat which has been crotchet (instead of woven) by hand from natural straw then finished with a traditional black grosgrain ribbon. Because this has been crotched the straw is thicker and more durable for travel yet still is a very stylish style of Panama hat. 

Custom made with a 10cm brim, Fit For Travel Panama hat offers style, chic versatility and optimal sun protection. 

Each Panama hat is beautifully crafted by local Artisans living in the Andes of Ecuador using eithical and sustainable techniques. This Panama hat in particular takes approximately 8-10 weeks to crotchet by hand and the same Artisan who starts making your Panama hat will always finish it so the weave is always perfectly uniform.  

Please email and let us know if you are in-between sizes and we can customise your size, so your Panama hat will fit perfectly.



Panama Hat

10cm brim

Pinch crown

Black grosgrain ribbon

Handmade in Ecuador